recent update 1/16/23: I have no idea waht the hell im doing

2/19/23: I think I might be getting a little bit of a hang of this

Update 6/18/23 I keep forgetting to update this and I have no wifi. Im really scared because i feel like this stiry is just knockoff New England Nightmare but Im duper passionate about this project and its my special interest

7/1/23 I've learned a bit more HTML/CSS but for the overall story i STILL have no idea what I'm doing

7/9/23 I've been adding a lot more to this lately like changing backgrounds and adding blinkies and stuff :3

3/7/24: GUYS I SWEAR I'M NOT DEAD i haven't done anything on the main story recently because I've been busy with school and stuff 3: I'm also trying to get a job so we'll see how that works out